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APIWELL Energy Ltd. has substantially invested in time and resources researching energy product manufacturers from around the globe. We have learned from manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineers, well completion engineers, hydraulic fracturing experts, drilling specialists, pump designers and safety specialists, to name but a few of the disciplines. The result is a suite of products from class leading manufacturers. By blending these solutions, you achieve your resource development goals, and produce a better return on your investment. These products are listed below:

  • T-600 gas terminator sucker rod pump assembly
  • C-100 sucker rod pump assembly
  • Pipe Safety Handle
  • Hose Safety Handle

Why did APIWELL Energy choose these products over the myriad of other good products available in the marketplace?

EOR enhanced oil recovery

With over a million hydraulic fracturing plugs deployed every year worldwide; Plug and perf technology is a proven method of effectively tapping into underground oil and gas bearing zones. A 15 million psi perforation gun is going to expose the natural formation fractures to a 10,000 psi frac job better than relying on fracking pressure alone. T-600 Gas Eliminator and C100 high compression travelling cage improve oil and gas recovery in your sucker rod and tube style pumps. Elimination of gas interference and better compression deliver greater performance in tight oil, shale gas or coal bed methane plays.

Improve equipment longevity

T-600 Gas Eliminator and C 100 high compression travelling cage have been designed to reduce rod string, ball and seat wear.

Improved worker safety

Handle-Tech pipe safety handles can reduce risk of hand crush or finger injuries, by moving the operator’s hands above, rather than below the pipe being transported. Handle-Tech hose safety handles can reduce the risk of bodily injury from pressure changes in the mud pump hose associated with pump kick. Protect the PPE investment from biohazard, mud or water damage. Operators can keep the gloves on and still securely hold pipe or hose, in hot, cold or wet environments.

Improved ROI

Using these products alone or in combination will improve your ROI. We believe in making the world a better place by utilizing these technologies to improve efficiencies in your business.


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