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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this accessory work?

The T600 has four parts that work together with the natural pressure from the down stroke of the pump. This causes the internal probe to mechanically unseat the ball from the seat through the whole down stroke of the pump. We no longer have to wait for the gas pressure to build to a point where the ball is unseated, which will cause a pound in the rod string.

Q: How long will this accessory last?

Some operators have reported 2.5 years run time, without a pump pull. The longevity of the pump accessory is dependent on well conditions and pumping environment.

Q: What is the maximum gas/oil ratio that can be pumped?

The T600 pump accessory will allow the pump to produce 100% gas, however most wells are just pumped to the “pumped off” state. In some oilfields, the T600 is pumping straight foam from the well-bore.

Q: Why can you guarantee near 100% pump efficiency?

The T600 opens the traveling valve mechanically for the whole down stroke allowing the fluids and gas (that have entered the barrel chamber) to be pumped on the next up stroke. This permits the down-hole fluid level to be lowered to the seating nipple or pump intake.

Q: Can it handle sand?

The T600 can handle some sand with the five wiper rings, thus the barrel is wiped clean on every down stroke. This forces the fluid and debris through the drag plunger and up the outer channels. There is constant fluid flow through the T600; which does not give sand or debris a chance to settle out, and cause pump plugging or seizing.

Q: Will increase production?

The T600 can pump the well down to the pump intake or seating nipple. This relieves the hydrostatic pressure against the formation. This allows the formation to deliver more fluid to the well-bore. The result is a gain in production volumes.

Q: Can I dewater a gas well?

Both fluid and gas can be extracted simultaneously with the T600 pump accessory. The well can be pumped down to the intake or seating nipple. This will expose the formation and allow gas to flow readily. If the pump system is operated with a timer, the pump will not gas lock, when pumping resumes. T600 also works in coal bed methane wells.

Q: Do I have to tap the pump?

No, the T600 opens the traveling valve mechanically on the down stroke, which prevents gas lock and fluid pound.

T600 Gas Terminator

Improve your hydrocarbon production volumes by adding the T600 Gas Terminator (gas breaking tool assembly) to your subsurface sucker rod pumps.

Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys the T600 Gas Terminator eliminates gas interference, gas lock and gas pound to reduce pump failure and increase pumping equipment longevity.

Achieve maximal pumping efficiency in horizontal and deviated oil wells by retaining standing values and eliminating pressure drops. Unique external flow channels are less prone to scale buildup and plugging.

Wiper ring design ensures a clean pump barrel and unrestricted flow.

Keep your oil production running smoothly!

T600 - Gas Terminator


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