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Every day billions of dollars are spent by people around the globe in the search and development of energy self-sufficiency. We do this, to maintain a comfortable existence for our short life spans on this little planet we call “EARTH”. People of developed and developing nations want to heat or cool their homes; grow crops to feed their children; produce medicine to ward off disease and to have safe and plentiful drinking water.

We understand that fossil fuels have given many people an improved standard of living unprecedented in civilized history. This is certainly the case in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Hydraulic fracturing techniques for tight oil and shale gas have given North America an energy independence never before seen in history.

At APIWELL Energy Ltd., we believe in a world where everyone benefits from mankind’s inventions. Where the pursuit of energy efficiency is combined with innovations, such as gas fired engines and power generation, LED lighting, hydroelectric, solar, wave and wind power. But, until researchers can find a cost effective and plentiful alternative energy source to power the world’s economy, fossil fuels are here to stay.

Our mandate is to improve the efficiencies of hydrocarbon resource development.

We have spent countless hours on the internet researching manufacturers that share our vision. We subscribe to industry specific news groups to understand the issues being faced by corporations. We have developed a network of like-minded industry professionals that can assist us in sharing this knowledge with energy decision makers around the world.

Over the last 50 years combined, we have been involved in and researched our markets to find products that could deliver these efficiencies. We have developed a portfolio of products that can help your business:

  • Dramatically reduce water use in hydraulic fracturing and help complete oil wells faster.
  • Improve the amount of oil or gas taken from a single well.
  • Improve workforce safety and reduce loss time incidents.
  • Augment corporate loss prevention programs.
  • Reduce risk of catastrophic events in oil and gas, pipeline, refinery, power generation, military, aerospace and other methods of transportation by early detection of failure mechanisms.

This suite of products will help improve efficiencies across the spectrum of hydrocarbon resource development, transportation, and ultimately, end user products that benefit humanity.

I know that together, we can help make a difference for future generations and the planet.

Michael Prendergast
APIWELL Energy Ltd.


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